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The only way to make remote work work
Zapier started remote back in 2011 when it wasn’t cool (or necessary!). I remember thinking that remote companies weren’t actual companies. But now, as I hit my one year mark on remote work, I’ve learned that you can wear pajamas to work and still get a lot done. Remote work can be easy, fun, and productive. But if you’re not careful, you’ll miss out on community.
In a remote environment, there is no coffee with a coworker. There is no lunch with the team. There is no cake to celebrate a birthday :sad-panda:.
The only way to thrive with remote work is by building or joining a community outside of work. This might be the only way to ensure you can still eat birthday cake. This is important.
Here are some hard-to-implement steps for building a community outside of work:
  • Get married and start a family
  • Join large gatherings of people during the coronavirus lockdown (definitely don’t do this)
  • Build the next social media app using no-code
And here are some practical tips from things I’ve tried:


  • Actually attend a virtual (but local) meetup event (a lot of them are going virtual temoporarily so that you can attend from home and start building those relationships).
  • You exchanged numbers with someone a month ago. Go get coffee with that person (hint: you reached out so you get to pick the place).
  • Build a personal relationship management tool in (I like this template) to keep up with relationships.
  • Go volunteer. (Side-note, the Nashville tornado hit last week. It was a tragic and devastating storm but an amazing opportunity for building community. #NashvilleStrong)
You do get so much more time back in your day when you work remote, as well. I’d say that remote work is the main reason I’m able to pursue building no-code products. Take the commute out of your day and things really open up.
If you need any other tips for remote work or want to ask me about working at Zapier, you can find my email over at
Stay safe out there,


P.S. Here’s a neat tool to help you keep in touch with friends at and outside of work that limits you to 2 minute, 1-on-1, video conversations

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