The first product to help ideas grow
My goal this year is to launch a new product each quarter using no-code tools. I’ve built many tools (mainly for myself or a business I was running), but I’ve not built and launched a product.
I’m hoping to strike a valuable balance between simplicity and functionality with products I build. The products need ease of use and substantial value. If a support team is needed for people to successfully use the product, I’ve failed. And if no one uses the product, I’ve certainly failed.
I’m also aiming to serve those who want to learn, build, and launch products of their own but who don’t have 40 hours a week to devote to the effort. I’m aiming to serve those who who need to make every 30-minute stretch of effort count towards something.
With those goals in mind, let me touch on what I’ve been building.


My first product is centered around the ideation stage of someone’s future product or business.
The first step in any new product or business is coming up with an idea. You could make a case for observation being the first step in a new product or business, but let’s just start with actually coming up with the initial idea.
Typically, the key to moving forward with an idea is to first write it down. Some people carry around an idea notebook (if they are really hungry for ideas). Others just type them in their phone’s notes app. Others have multiple Trello boards to categorize the ideas. Others commit ideas to memory.
However, as Derek Sivers (entrepreneur and founder of CD Baby) puts it (see excerpt from his book “Anything you Want”), “ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.”
So, even if we do write down our ideas, most of our ideas never make it any further. Because, well, ideas aren’t actually that valuable by themselves. 
The thought is that if we can grow an idea slightly towards the execution phase, we start seeing it as a bit more valuable.
My first product helps water your ideas so that they grow towards execution. It’s a product that will infuse more value into your ideas so that you may be more likely to execute on them. All you have to do is plant your idea.
Stay tuned for more details as I dive into how I’m using Zapier,
Monkey Learn, Adalo, and other tools to build it out.
Until next time,

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