Here are 3 examples of how OpenAI’s GPT-3 is about to completely change no-code
This artificial intelligence tool can code for you. It can write blog posts for you. It can literally finish your…. sentences. OpenAI’s GPT-3 is going to spark the creation of countless no-code tools. And it’s going to be completely free.
GPT-3 will:
  1. Save you so much time
  2. Help no-coders create content like never before
  3. Power future no-code tools

Here is a quick example of what GPT-3 does.

You send an input with one or more examples for a response:
“Generate 5 icebreaker questions to get to know people.
Question 1 – How many siblings do you have?”
It returns what it think should come next:
“Question 2 – What is your favorite childhood memory?
Question 3 – What is your favorite movie?
Question 4 – What is your favorite book?
Question 5 – What is your favorite food?”
This is scratching the surface. Here are a couple of other examples:

Here are 3 (and a half) reasons why GPT-3 is so good for no-code:


1. GPT-3 is pre-trained which saves you time.

No-code saves you time. GPT-3 has a similar spirit.
What’s better than training your dog? Having it come to you pre-trained. Same goes for AI.
You have to train most Artificial Intelligence tools yourself. It’s a long and tedious process to train a machine. Not GPT-3. It’s pre-trained by the internet.

2. GPT-3 is going to help you create content for your no-code product.

If you feed it a paragraph, it can spit out an entire one-of-a-kind blog post. You give it some headline examples, it can write your website headline for you.
GPT-3 will power your very own no-code copywriting companion.

3. GPT-3 is an open API which means people can build with it as their engine. Hello new no-code tools and possibilities!

They aren’t locking this thing down. It’s going to be open and available for anyone with a device and internet access to build with it. Zapier is already testing an OpenAI app. Oh happy day for the no-code community.

3.5. The name resembles C-3PO.

By how advanced this GPT-3 thing is I’m starting to think they matched the iconic cyborg’s name on purpose.
No-code is about to blast off with GPT-3. Glad you’re with me on the journey.
Happy building,