No-code still requires great copywriting. Here are 5 tips.
This post was inspired by Harry Dry and Marketing Examples’ recent post, 17 tips for great copywriting.


Your no-code product is going to have words. Make those words count.


1. Remove adjectives.
How could they miss leading with this 4-string alliteration? 
Figma Favicons Copywriting
2. Get to the point.
Remove unnecessary words that distract:
Notopass Copywriting Get to the Point
3. Get rid of jargon.
Also, make it conversational:
TonyDoorAI Copywriting Tip
4. Make it relatable.
Important when your product requires explanation:
Sparkin Copywriting Tip
5. Put the important stuff, first.
Don’t make your readers dig for important information:
Pandora Copywriting Tip
Here’s a recommendation. If you want to make your writing bold and clear, go buy Writing Without Bullshit by Josh Bernoff. Also, use
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