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No-code products you should build in a recession
You should build a no-code software product in a recession. Build software that collects data and helps people make smarter business choices. Build software that helps people save time and money. Build software in the law, wedding, or business operations industry. If you run with these suggestions, you will take advantage of the current recession.
Software businesses’ stock price returns are better than the rest of the market after a recession. Software businesses can serve more customers at a lower cost. Here is a chart that shows the returns for software stock over the last 15 years compared to Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and and S&P 500:

Software Stock Price Returns Comparison

I circled the 2008 recession in red. Software businesses rocket above the rest of the market after 2008.
I looked at 10 companies who started in 2008 and are still existing in March of 2020. These businesses help customers:
  • Make better decisions using data
  • Save money
  • Save time
The industries for the businesses I looked at were more insightful. The industries were:
  • Wedding
  • Law
  • Gift Card
  • Data
  • Business Processes
  • Finance
Here is the list of companies I looked at:
  • BlueKai | Uses data to personalize marketing | Make better decisions using data | Data
  • eXelate (acquired by Nielsen Holdings) | Helps find the people most likely to buy something and facilitates advertising | Make better decisions using data | Data
  • CardCash | Online gift card marketplace where users buy and sell discounted gift cards | Save money | Gift Card
  • OneSource Virtual | Outsource business processes like HR/Finance | Save Money | Business Processes
  • Applause | software testing and research on how easy your product is to use | Save Time | Business Processes
  • Asana| Software to manage your team’s work | Save Time | Business Processes
  • Kabbage | provides funding to small businesses and consumers | Save Time | Finance
  • Delphix | Database software that helps reduce processing time and storage requirements | Save Time | Data
  • WeddingWire | Online marketplace for all things wedding | Save Time | Wedding
  • Clio | Law firm software to handle all the things lawyers do | Save time | Law
Other “recession-proof” industries to look at are:
  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Advising
  • Home Maintenance
  • Property management
  • Groceries
  • Discount
The industries I mentioned above have the most potential during this economic crisis. Create no-code products in these industries. Make sure your products help customers save money and/or time.
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