How to get ahead in no-code
If you’d like to understand what all the no-code fuss is about, check out this sort of ridiculous but inspiring no-code video. 
I can’t speak or write or understand Python, Ruby, C++, a.k.a code. But, I’ve been in software for 6ish years and so I actually do know a little bit about development. It helps to have been in software before wading into the no-code pool. I’ve got my arm floaties on and they are full of hot air.
Let me explain why having a software background helps with no-code and how you can jump ahead without having a software background of your own. 
Coding is like a different language. I mean it’s called “code” after all. It’s information stored behind code. Japanese is code to me. It’s information stored behind some strange code.
But even though code is like a different language (just like Japanese is different than English), it’s all pointing to the same things. The same concepts. Being in software simply helped me understand the concepts. Let me illustrate.
Ball in English makes sense. Ball in Japanese… is 玉. Which does not make sense to me. Although it sort of looks like a pole kicking a ball.
But my point is what matters the most is the Ball. The concept. The actual “thing.” If you can understand the ball, the button, the list, the logic, the experience, then that’s going to help you. Before no-code, we were all stuck trying to figure out the translation. Or we had to Google way too much. Or hire someone who knew.
But now, we can focus on the thing.
How do we interact with the ball? What does the ball look like? What’s the easiest way to kick the ball? Do we even need the ball?
Replace ball with elements you are building using no-code tools. Instead of asking coding questions like, “how do I translate “button” into C++,” you can ask higher level ones. More impactful ones. Like, “how can I bring more attention to this action I want people to take?”
Learn how to answer these new questions by searching for User Experience, User Interface, and Design resources.
And there’s always learning by trial and error. It just might take longer!
That’s it for this week.
Until we meet again,
P.S. I launched a little tutorial/project about creating Slack Newsletters. Makerpad had an automation challenge going that I had to jump in on. Check out my project here if you’re interested and see the Makerpad competition here.
P.P.S. I didn’t win the competition but that’s because there were some other awesome projects. Check them out!