How I built the Build Anything app with no-code using Adalo, MonkeyLearn, and Zapier.

I released the Build Anything app beta on June 22nd. I built it using Adalo, Zapier, and MonkeyLearn.

The app suggests no-code tools you can use to build each product or business idea you add.

The basic functionality works like this:

  1. A user adds a product or business idea name and description.
  2. Zapier feeds the idea into MonkeyLearn which classifies it as a certain type (like “Mobile App”).
  3. Zapier updates the idea type. Then, Adalo lists the corresponding no-code tools of the same type.


(no-code mobile app builder)
Build Anything app in Adalo Layout

Why I chose Adalo
  • I could create a mobile app without any other tool. Design and database all-in-one.
  • Good balance between design flexibility and out-of-the-box components.
  • Integrates with Zapier so that I could extend functionality.
Adalo Database

Adalo Database for Build Anything

  • Users, Tools, Ideas, Types
  • Kept it simple. Each Tool can be of a certain Type like “Website” or “Mobile App.”
  • Ideas can also be of a certain Type.


(no-code machine learning)
MonkeyLearn Build Anything Model

Why I chose MonkeyLearn
  • Machine learning is super cool. It allows you to “train” a machine by tagging text so the machine can learn how to tag future text for you.
  • It has a free plan.
  • Integrates with Zapier so that I could connect it to Adalo.
How I trained my monkey
  • I used to download a CSV file of Product Hunt product names and descriptions (these serve as the sample ideas)
  • I uploaded the sample idea data into MonkeyLearn.
  • Then, I classified each sample idea by type.


(no-code automation)

Zap outline

Why I chose Zapier
  • I’m the most familiar with it and it’s the best 😉
  • Adalo and MonkeyLearn have apps on Zapier.
  • I also can make use of a free Zapier account for testing since I’m a Zapier employee.

Here’s a link to the shared Zap I use to classify ideas.

User feedback on the beta version tells me I need to be more specific about the no-code tool suggestions. I also need to add details about how to actually use the tools to build out the idea.

I agree.

I’ll need to ask for more information when a user adds an idea so that I can be more detailed with a suggestion.

Back to work!

Happy building,