Do we need yet another app?

I met with a friend on Tuesday and he asked me about how all the no-code stuff was going. I told him about how much I’d been loving Adalo and how I’d been building some no-code mobile apps.

He took out his phone and scrolled through the 20-30 apps he had installed. He pointed out that he only uses 5-6 of them on a regular basis. “I’m not sure I really need another app.”

That’s a solid point, friend.

Does anybody need another app on their phone?

Let’s take a look at the apps we already have, first. Most of the apps we use are (probably) from one of the big guys. Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, the default reminders or notes apps, Spotify, etc… These big players have one thing in common: they are all trying to appeal to the masses. Everything, everyone, all together in one app. These apps are successful for a reason. They provide legitimate value. But there’s a downside for the user when apps are appealing to the masses.

The downside is that the user has to personalize the app. And this takes time and effort.

Let’s pause for a second. Take a deep breath. Seriously, just take a deep breath for 3 seconds. Now, clear your head and let’s imagine for moment. And yes, I promise we’re going somewhere with this.

Imagine you and your 5 best friends doing the things you all love to do.

Maybe it’s playing music together. What type of music are you playing? Maybe it’s going to the movies. What type of movie are you watching? Maybe you all are in a book club together. What’s the book? Drinks at your favorite spot. What’s that spot? Playing that one game. What’s the game?

Okay, so maybe I’m not the best imagination leader in the world, but the point is, you have the insight to personalize your own experience. Let me say it again in another way. You can imagine the tailor made experiences that you and your friends enjoy.

So, how does all this relate back to apps on your phone?

Your future phone is going to have apps that only a few people have. They are going to be tailor-made right out of the box to fit you and what you love. And you’ll find your best friends there.

There’s going to be an app for the romcom-watching, Tiki-drink-drinking, Catan-playing indie musicians. There’s going to be an app for the NorthFace-wearing, Nicaraguan-coffee-drinking 49ers fan. There’s going to be an app for the mystery-novel-reading, sourdough-baking, Cheesecake-Factory-loving, single dad.

Your future phone is going to have new apps that you actually use.

And it’s no-code that’s going to help make these apps a reality.

Until next time,

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