We’re going to Buildcamp 

Buildcamp.io is a no-code community with tutorials + bootcamps. It’s awesome.

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Why is Build Anything joining Buildcamp.io?

For over a year, I’ve had a vision for Build Anything to become a place where we can build together. Instead of building in isolation, we build alongside each other, sharing resources and learnings, asking for and receiving help with community at the center.

Buildcamp.io is becoming that place.

Gregory John is the founder of Buildcamp and the person I originally learned Bubble from. He’s fantastic at what he does.

What is Buildcamp.io like?

Buildcamp is community meets professional video tutorials meets bootcamps.

It’s the environment we need for accountability and communication to help us do what we love doing – build with no-code!

See for yourself at Buildcamp.io


Where are you headed, Bryce? and why don’t you want to run the Slack community any more?

I’m headed into Buildcamp! I found that trying to run and grow a Slack community, although I met so many great people, was getting in the way of what I truly love which is building with no-code.

Buildcamp provides what I need to build alongside all you fine folks and I’m pumped about it.