4 people I’ve learned the most from in 2020
Dru Riley who runs Trends.vc.
Jack Butcher who runs Visualize Value.
David Perell who runs his newsletters Monday Musings and Friday Finds.
Naval who inspired them all.

Dru Riley and Trends.vc

Why Dru? He’s humbly tried and failed at projects over the last few years but he’s learned a ton and is now successful.
What has Dru taught me? Persistence is vital. Paid newsletters work. There’s a high demand for newsletters whose authors do a ton of specific research for you.
What did he build? Trends.vc. He puts 50 hours of research into 5-minute reports on various trends from No-code to Remote fitness.

Jack Butcher and Visualize Value

Why Jack? He’s bold and motivating.
What has Jack taught me? Simple can absolutely win. People need simplicity. But, simplicity is the result of a lot of effort.
What did he build? Visualize Value. He creates simple images that explain business concepts. He built a community to help others deliver value to people.

David Perell and Monday Musings/Friday Finds

Why David? He writes content I want to read. From art to business to culture. How does he do so much?
What has David taught me? Long-form writing still works as long as your content is high quality.
What did he build? Write of Passage, North Star Podcast, newsletters Monday Musings/Friday Finds.
Find it all here: https://www.perell.com/


I realized that Naval is the inspiration behind most people I follow.
I’ll let his wisdom speak for itself.

Happy Learning,