3 roles you must have to build a no-code product.
Here’s a shortcut for building no-code products. They are no different from coded products.

You need someone to research, someone to design, and someone to build.

Research problem, design story, build structure

You can do all three yourself but it’ll take more time.
I’m working on a project in Bubble with two others called Amperland. Here’s how we work.

The UX Researcher identifies problems to solve

UX = User Experience. The UX role’s responsibility is to understand what problems we will solve.
Corinne is the UX Researcher in our trio.
She’s the closest to the future users of our product and discovers what problems they have.
Without the UX Researcher, our app is aimless.

The Designer creates the story

The Designer’s responsibility is to give senses to the experience. They create the look, feel, sound, + to bring the user into the story as the main character.
Lauren is the Designer in our trio.
She has a knack for the abstract and a sensitivity to aesthetics.
Without the Designer, our app is lifeless.

The no-code Developer builds structure

The Developer’s responsibility is to take the UX/Design work and turn it into reality.
I am the Developer in our trio.
I love building. I love taking ideas and executing on them.
Without the Developer, our app is formless.

What role do you need to work on?

Do you fear speaking to potential users of your app?
If yes, then focus on UX.
Do you roll your eyes at marketing?
If yes, you are story-averse and should focus on Design.
Do technical tools scare you?
If yes, focus on learning the fundamentals of Development.
Or, find a team. The Build Anything community is a good place to start.
Happy Building,